A platform that provides Lambda School students candid company or interview reviews from alumni to aid students in their job search.
• Tech Stack: React | Redux | Chakra UI | Node.js | Express | Knex | PostgreSQL | Okta
• Built to the specifications of our stakeholder
• Researched and created a database containing approximately 120,000 US companies

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Food Truck Trackr

A Build Week project that allows users to locate and follow their favorite food trucks.
• Tech Stack: React | Redux | Axios | Formik | Yup
• Developed the registration and login forms and pages
• Collaborated with a team of developers to complete the project based on provided design structure

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A Build Week project created to connect customers traveling with kids with a certified assistant that will help get the customers from curbside to the gate.
• Tech Stack: Node.js | Express | Knex | Jest
• Developed the database and backend structure
• Met daily with remote team of developers to discuss progress and deadlines

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A Build Week project designed to facilitate the distribution of excess prepared foods by restaurants and/or catered events with those in need of food.
• Tech Stack: JavaScript | HTML5 | CSS
• Designed and executed marketing/home page
• Contributed to daily remote meetings with development team

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About Me

Photo of William

Python is my language of choice but I am experienced in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Programming in

JavaScript, Python, HTML,
CSS, C++, Visual Basic

My Greatest Strength

I am a problem solver. I am always looking for ways to make things better and/or more effecient. I look for chances to analyze things and learn about the functionality and history behid it so as to better understand it.

Other Skills

Git & Github, Slack, React.js, Redux, Node.js, Express.js, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft Active Directory, VMware, Docker, network administration, IT helpdesk experience